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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

settling in more

i am still settling in here. trying to spend more time outside, in the street, with people. trying to reach out/respond to other people reaching out to me. the people here in general are so friendly, so interested in talking to you. it's still surprising to me in many moments because i'm just not used to being in a place where so many people are so open to talking to me like this. they ask all about your family and everything.
the other day i went with a friend of mine out into the country a little ways...it was so nice. so nice to see a different place, outside of town. the air was so fresh, there were more trees, there was a river....he helped me gather mangoes to bring back here...it was enjoyable. i think we are going to go back this week one day.
there haven't been alot of births lately; today there was this woman who had been referred from another hospital where they don't do c sections, who her baby was in a transverse lie, and basically what had happened was that she had probably labored at home for a long time and then finally gone to the hospital. when she arrived at st therese, the baby was totally impacted inside her, one arm was hanging out, and her uterus had ruptured. the OB had to do a hysterectomy and she got a blood transfusion.
i am enjoying getting to know Marthonie, my co teacher, more. she is really delightful and collaborative. it is really nice to be developing a relationship with her.
i am understanding so much more creole now. i can have a conversation with anyone, i can find a way to understand anything that they want to tell me. it is so nice to finally be at this point. not as good as it could be, but so much better than before.
i am halfway through my time here if i only stay the 6 months. i am not fully decided yet whether to stay longer or not. i am thinking of it as that i am staying the 6 months, and then going to NC to be with my family and community there, to have a nice long visit there before moving on to the next thing. we will see.
love you all...

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  1. Hi Reina, I never figured out how to comment. Hope this works! Thanks so much for sharing about your experiences. I think about you often and it's so nice to be able to get a glimpse of your life in Haiti. You are an amazing person--so devoted to your work of helping, teaching and learning. I look forward to reading more and possibly to seeing you when you come to NC. Much love from all of us, Alison