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Friday, May 28, 2010

may 28th 2010

I still don't have internet, but...I am at a new friend's house...this Nepalese guy who works for the UN here...they have internet here in their camp. So...
I saw something 2 days ago on my 30th birthday that really really made my day, and was the best birthday present ever. I walked into the delivery room, where Marthonie and the students were with this woman who they had allowed to labor on the floor and she was now starting to push there, squatting, and they were letting her stay there. they put a towel beneath her. I got behind her and she continued pushing, pulling on my arms as she pushed. It was a beautiful birth, easy, physiologic. Her placenta came there too, squatting there. It was the first time I have seen anything like this here, besides when the American midwives have caught babies on the floor. When one of the MW grads came in and reprimanded everyone for letting her birth there, because "the hospital admisintration would be mad", Marthonie stood up to her and explained why it was better this way for this woman and told her that she would "take the blame". I was really touched by all of this.
Later on, in the evening, I noticed that it was nearly a full moon, basically a full moon, and with both of these things, everything felt in balance.
Things are basically flowing along pretty well. I feel like I am in the groove with Marthonie and the students. I have seen more change than I thought I would at the beginning. There are so many differences here that make it hard to achieve the same level of education that you would expect normally, anywhere else. And cultural differneces in the ways that people learn, and the ways people communicate.
It is all very interesting. This is a very interesting and special experience for me, and I hope for those around me as well.
Oh, I ws going to tell you guys something else: the day after my birthday, it was so sweet, I was included in the birthday celebration of my friends' daughter, who turned 2. They had this party, for the both of us. They had this cake that said "bonne fet reina galjour" and they had this speech and this beautiful prayer before we ate...it was very special. they were so happy to have me as part of their celebration. they sent me home with the cake--on the back of a motorcycle--and i got home and shared it with those at home, where we were also co celebrating someone's birthday who lives there. except there was nothing there to celebrate with, except the beer i had bought and the cake that was donated. it ws so nice though. we each got 1 beer and some cake.
i love all you guys...

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