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Monday, May 31, 2010

lovely primip birth

We had a lovely birth today--I caught, a 1st timer, who was awesome...me and the 3 new American midwives, they were my birth team. There was a MW grad there, who asked me if I didn't think I needed to cut a episiotomy, and I explained why not, and there was a dr who kept coming in and hovering and then backing off, shaking his head, because he thought we should cut an epis, and never sees primips take their time and stretch. I really felt that I was protecting her from getting an epis, just standing my ground there. I kept explaining to him why she didn't need one. All was normal, good heart tones on the baby, progressing each push, etc. I wish he could have just watched the whole delivery. This woman kept eye contact with me and I knew that she knew that I was the main one taking responsibility for helping her. I understood everything she said and she understood everything I said. She did amazing with the head delivery: she would push a little when I said, then stop when I said. It was slow and controlled, and she didn't tear at all. Totally intact. The Dr was gone already or I would have showed him. Oh, and he came over a few times also to tell her how to push. He said "I have 3 children". Like, as if that makes him understand her experience. I really wanted to say: "And did you push them out?!" But I thought that might be taking it too far, since i was already making him stand back, literally pushing him away energetically.
> I was just happy that this woman got to have a good birth.
> But I wish it wasn't just me and the Americans doing births like this.
> The other day, the floor birth with Marthonie and the students, that was a very encouraging sign. The first time I've seen something like this here.
So maybe there is change happening? I definetly have seen Marthonie open up alot...to other ideas of doing things, to trusting me. And I have seen the students make progress in their ability to emulate compassion. I see a great need for continued guidance and education with the graduate midwives. I will try to do some of this while I am here, but there needs to be some kind of structure in place for them also. For them to practice skills, enhance their education, etc. One problem, one big problem, is the lack of books and teaching materials in French. They must be out there. But, they're not here.
There was a wonderful rain today...long and strong. Tonight the internet is suddenly working here, at the rectory...so, I am so happy to be able to blog!
Last evening I sat with a few different people and talked to them for awhile...at the plaza and at this outdoor little music club...I am understanding so much more Creole, all the time...I love understanding it...I am so thankful to be at this point, where I am over the hill...more or less cruising now...compared to before...with the language, with how comfortable I feel here...
I love all of you!!!
I miss you guys too!

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  1. Sounds like you are one of the few who stay long enough to develope a relationship of trust and respect-good for you Reina!I find your blogs so fascinating-thanks for sharing so much.