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This blog was created with the intention of sharing my life and midwifery experiences with my community as I branch into international midwifery. I hope to keep people up to date and in touch with me, and with the places and people where I'll be.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

staying longer

well...after agonizing for months over whether to stay or leave after the 6 month committment, then actually deciding to leave and getting tickets to leave, the decision to leave just wasn't sitting right with me; i really couldn't imagine leaving in 1 month. it was starting to feel like it would take more energy to leave rather than to stay. only 2 more months, and i could see the class through the whole way. and i didn't want to leave marthonie all alone. the MW4H directors came here this week; we interviewed one Haitian MW, who didn't impress all of us that much; if we had found a really good person to replace me that would have been one thing. so, i just thought about it some more and decided to stay. i am going to need to move in 1 month, but, that will be ok. the people here are so happy that i'm staying. like, the guy i've been dating, Blada, he was so so happy when i told him yesterday. it just seems like...now I have some things going here, like dancing and practicing with him, like french lessons with another friend, like the class being on the cusp of finishing...it makes sense to stay a little longer. i am giving up something else by staying: being on NC for sept-oct, but, i think i can still be there for part of Nov and Dec. so, it will still be really good.
so, that's what's happening. going to stay another 3 months and really finish everything up the way i should.


  1. I admire you so much for going above and beyond and staying for your students. I'm sure they are relieved to have you there and you will continue to help so many people. I know your momma and family misses you terribly and will be counting the days until you arrive. I'm so happy that you've made friends and are dancing and finding joy where you can. You are so adaptable and amazing! I love you so much!

  2. What a relief to have decided! i could tell you were conflicted but it seems that you will have completed a cycle by staying with your students.You are a wonderful midwife and person Reina,your light shines so brightly! I love your blog,it is so poignant.
    Love Meg

  3. Reina- Eres una inspiracion tremenda! You have solidified my desire to keep exploring and studying midwifery. Thank you so much for your tenacity, consistency, willingness to stay in a difficult situation and making the best of it. You are making HUGE waves there and you will continue to do so wherever you go. It must feel so good to be staying long enough to see the class through. Thank you for including me on your journey. Un abrazo fuerte!