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Thursday, August 5, 2010

august 5th 2010

The time feels like it is passing fast. I think this month will pass fast, because there are a few big events happening that are already filling up the time. Right now, Marthonie is on vacation, she left today, to go to the Dominican Republic for a week or so, with her family...I am glad for her--she really deserves a break. Then, next week, I am going to go to Port au Prince for a week, to help out this lady named Beth who is apprenticing to become a midwife and has a little clinic there but her preceptor is out of town for a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will have some births!
Then, when I come back, I am going to move. Probably on the 21st. The good thing about moving is that I will have more autonomy--it's a hotel, so I can bring in whoever I want, when I want. That will be so nice. Then, at the end of this month, I am going to still go to El Paso for a few days. For a short visit and to retrieve some more clothes and things for here. I hardly have any clothes here with me.
The students and the graduate midwives and everyone here is so happy that I'm staying. They really have taken me in and accepted me. It's amazing. I feel pretty lucky.
For the past few days there have been these doctors here, I think from Cange, (Haiti), doing this kind of test for HPV (very simple--paint vinegar on the cervix) and treating lesions right there with cryotherapy (freezing cells on the surface of the cervix). It has been interesting to see. There have been SOOO many people lined up to have the procedure. Today was CRAZY--so many people--so loud--comical.
We had 2 births today, they were both nice--the students did really well, they were on top of it, which was really nice to see. The first one was a 1st timer; she wanted me to touch her lower belly, I was doing it really softly and slowly--she wouldn't let me stop. I did it for a couple of hours, until she gave birth. It was really sweet. Sometimes the nurses and doctors and other (graduate) midwives would peep in and look a little puzzled but curious.
The there was a "7 month" stillbirth; with a slow but significant blood loss. I had one of the doctos who was around come in and do a manual exploration--I could have done it too but since there were all these people there, and I knew it would be very painful for her, I asked him to do it. He retrieved a little piece of placenta, not big at all. We gave her pit, misoprostol, and methergine. The bleeding slowed after the manual exploration, but was still present.
The hospital has been difficult recently because the hospital administration is...on a rampage, doing these useless changes, like putting up thtese half walls in the delivery room, that make it harder to get around, and moving things around, like putting all the ambubags in the other room...stuff that doesn't make sense...but you can't reason with the director AT ALL, and everyone knows it, and just lets him rule with an iron fist. (He yells at people, very abusive behavior)...I don't knwo what will happen with that.
I am having a good time getting to know Blada, this person I have been dating for the past couple of months. Spending time together is enjoyable, and we dance together, which is wonderful.
I anticipate being in NC by the end of Nov; my aim is before Thanksgiving. And to stay through Dec, then be in El Paso, Jan and part of Feb.
The experience here never ceases to be interesting, really hard, and beautiful. I feel really lucky to have such a close up, intimate view into another culture, people, language. It is really interesting and I know it ismaking me stronger, andmore adaptable.
Love you guys...

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  1. Lot of people go into medcine because they are big control freaks,sounds like you hit paydirt with your AAAministrator.Interesting txing for HPV based on Acetowhitening alone,we usually do bx and aren't txing lesions unless CIN II since most HPV virus will resolve in a year or 2.Of course your population is so generally immune depressed and not liable to get followup that it makes sense to dx and tx in one visit.Keep having fun!
    xx Meg