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Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, I am back in Hinche after a short break, which was WONDERFUL and REFRESHING. FIrst, I went to El Paso, spent a couple of days, saw Sergio, Kaley, and some other wonderful midwife friends. It was so refreshing. One unexpected really sweet thing was that Sergio and Eduardo organized a benefit for me, and raised money to help with my travels! That was so sweet. Sergio even painted this huge painting of me catching a baby in Haiti.
After this, I went to the Midwives for Haiti event in Virginia that was the original reason for me going to the US. IT was good and I got to learn more about the overall vision of the organization. And alot of work was accomplished.
After this, I was able to spend a week in NC, which was wonderful. I got to spend alot of time with my family, and saw some friends too...thank you to all of you...to those of you who I dodn't see, sorry, there really was hardly any time, but I am looking forward to coming back this year after my time in Haiti, and spending a longer, more relaxed time there.
Things have been mostly uneventful here. Today I ended up catching 2 babies in the delivery room with both moms squatting on the floor. Which the hospital administration HATES. They hate for women to birth "on the floor". (Even though you use the same piece of fabric under them that you would on the dirty table). But with both of them, it was simply impossible to move them onto the tables. I tried to use it as an example to the students of how we can assist women in different positions and how this is normal. The first woman, she had already had 2 homebirths, and was more self-directed than most of the women who come. She simply got herself onto the floor and was having a really hard time, alot of pain, and different people were scolding her and trying to tell her what to do. Her IV even came out from her thrashing around. To me it was all fine and normal. I caught her baby because everyone else was backing away from her and saying that she wasn't cooperating. I just stayed with her and reassured her that she was doing well. I hope that this example sinks in to the students who saw it. There was a MW there, who graduated from one of the prior classes, who wasn't pleased at all with her birthing there, and in fact I had already said something to her about that she doesn't need to yell at the women...she basically walked out of the room while the birth was happening. What was I supposed to do? Abandon her there? Force her to get onto the tiny metal bed while she was pushing?
Several times a day, everyday, I go back and forth with my feelings about being here. Sometimes, I feel like I will never learn the things I need to learn to really work effectively at this hospital...there are so many differences, and hardly any organization...and I lack knowledge about drugs...then I also feel that the model that I bring, is this tiny voice amid all this shouting...then other times I feel like I am making progress in my understanding of things there, and the language, it is improving day by day...I go back and forth about wanting to leave as soon as my 6 month committment is over, and going somewhere more peaceful, relaxing...having ample time to spend with my community on NC and EP...then I think that if I just stay a couple more months, I can see this class through their graduation, which would be very special. They are very sweet to me. Very sweet. I know it would mean alot to them if I stayed the whole time.
Time will tell.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Thank you to all of you again for all of your support and love!

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  1. I feel for you Reina,having been in many hospital settings where women are bullied into having their birth in stupid and unphysiologic positions,strapped down,drugged up yelled at.You do have your years of experience to support what you know works so I know your are making an impact.I admire you so much for what you are doing for the women of the wworld