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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back in Haiti! January 2011

I am back in Haiti after being in the US for 6 weeks. It feels so so good to be back! Although I was so ready for a break from Haiti when I left, I actually missed Haiti alot while I was gone. Not only did I really really miss Blada, but I also did miss Haiti: walking everywhere you need, having time to do each task, like washing your clothes by hand, the music and people in the street....lots of things.
I got back to Hinche on Jan 3rd, and had 5 days with Blada, and then on Saturday the 8th, the MW4H leaders came and were here for 1 week, and they just left yesterday. This past week was so so crazy...now that they're gone I'm realizing how stressful it actually was. Nonstop activity, meetings, talking, coordinating, problem solving...it was really important and great and amazing to be a part of this group of people who are undertaking these monumental tasks and pulling it off with such a positive attitude, but even with that, it was stressful.
I am really impressed by these people and love knowing them and working in their organization. Right now is a time of amazing growth and expansion in the organization. They are finding places to put our graduates, putting them out in the country all around, making alliances with parishes and communities...
The mobile clinics are expanding also...they go 4 days a week, each place they go is once a month...so that makes about 20 different communities where they goa nd do prenatal care...we JUST got our new Jeep which is for the mobile clinics...this whole week was also revolving around getting the Jeep out of customs...unbelievably difficult....the Jeep is here now, and it is PINK with the MW4H logo on it...really awesome...
We started classes last Monday, the 10th. Our new class has 15 students, and they all seem really bright and eager...so exciting...I am so so excited to be working again with Marthonie, my co-teacher...she is so fun, so interesting and compelling...
We are going to start having classes out here at the house starting tomorrow...it will be alot more comfortable here than at the hospital...we have electricity, we have all out teaching aids here...it will be good. We are basically going to be with the students from M-F 8am-5pm, either teaching classes or doing clinical teaching in the hospital or in mobile clinics.
We have one student from Port au Prince who will be living at the house here, and she is moving in this evening. I like her alot and I am happy there will be another Haitian living in the house.
I will try to blog as often as possible and may actually start writing more often and then posting like once every 1-2 weeks. I like keeping people up on my life here. There is this woman who has a blod--her name is Wendy Dotson--she's a midwife who's a big part of
MW4H, and maybe her blog is more descriptive than mine--it would be a good thing to read--maybe someday I'll be a more descriptive writer and be able to explain things more about daily life here.
We have a baby in the house now too...our cook is bringing her 9 month old baby M-Sat so she can breastfeel him during the day...it is so so much fun...he was so playful yesterday...Blada and I both like to hold him and carry him around alot...that's fun...
Ok I love all you guys...it was so wonderful to see everyone when I was back...I miss all of you and love you...

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  1. great to see your blog and hear about all of the positive changes happening for you. Meg