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Monday, March 8, 2010

how things are going--march 8th

things are going a little better i guess....there are so many little things that have contributed to my experience here that i wish i could include, to better describe my life here...let's see...the first couple of weeks were really hard and i was pretty depressed all the time. not only was i seeing very sad things in the hospital and feeling helpless to do anything and seeing alot of apathy on the students part and so feeling helpless to teach anything, the other part of this that i am just putting together now is that the haitian midwives still haven't accepted me. so, i haven't been taken in or been shown how things go, and i have been trying to figure alot of stuff out by just going there and working with whoever was there, and working nights, etc. at this point, there is finally someone here who represents midwives for haiti who has been working with them for years and she is working to help build bridges and to emulate an atmosphere of collaboration so that this can continue. so, we will see. also nadene and steve, who run MFH, are coming this week. so...all of this seems very positive, that there is a small hope for improvement, although it's hard to have alot of hope after the way things started. but, she seems really optimistic, so...like i keep saying...we will see.
living in the orphanage is a pleasure. all of the children are so open and loving with me...i finally took some photos yesterday, and soon i will post them...sometime soon i will take some pictures of the town...you you guys can see what it looks like...the girls where i live are amazing...amazingly affectionate...i have this one friend, her name is jennifer, she's 19, from port au prince; she lost 2 brothers in the earthquake; she is helping me ALOT with Creole; she is very patient and explains things to me; she understands what i am trying to say better than anyone else; she really takes time to help me. i feel so thankful for her. all of the women also, they enjoy spending time with me. i wash my clothes outside with them; we hang out; yesterday we had a dance party--all of the girls---or some of them---with 2 people drumming...the kids here are really good drummers...and dancers...
i will post some of these photos soon...and eventually of the hospital and town...
the weather is nice...it's warm...it's beautiful. it still hasn't started raining much yet.
i wanted to say to all of you that i really feel all of your love and support...i have from the beginning...i really feel your love and that you're holding me in the light, and i wanted to say thank you for that, and for thinking of me, and supporting me.
so for now...maybe that's all.
love you all...reina

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  1. ciao bambina! que bueno que haya una pequenia luz de esperanza! todo se pondra mejor, lo veras! las parteras pronto veran que veniste con buenas intenciones de contribuir, no para cambiarlas. que bueno que tienes alguien que te ayude con el creole! eso es muy importante para aprender el lenguaje local en cualquier lugar, despues nos ensenias frases haitianas. la simplicidad de la vida siempre tiene su aspecto positivo: creo que hace a la gente mas humanista y sensible a la interaccion. veras que con el tiempo la gente de haiti que te conozca mas y mas, se enamorara de ti y formaras lazos de amistad muy bonitos.
    lo unico en que no quiero pensar es cuando tengas que partir. en fin, esa sera otra historia.
    te envio muchos abrazos apretados y escribe pronto